Leading companies join to enhance rentals and provide technological improvements to benefit Cunningham Family of Companies and its Associations.

Lemonjuice® Solutions, a well-known leader in comprehensive timeshare resort management and real estate solutions, and Cunningham Family of Companies, a leading, full-service Florida property management firm, are pleased to announce a strategic relationship. This new collaboration will transform the rental, marketing, and software solutions for Cunningham’s managed resorts and associations by enhancing Cunningham Family of Companies’ management’s rental capabilities and increasing revenues for its owners and associations. As part of this strategic relationship, Kevin Mattoni, principal and managing partner of the Cunningham Family of Companies, has officially retired from the property management side of the business. Mattoni has decided to focus his expertise on non-judicial foreclosures and other timeshare-related endeavors.

40-year-old family run business poised for growth.

Stepping into the role of president is Richard Cunningham, the second generation of the family-owned company and a resort management professional with extensive experience in property management and working with Boards of Directors for the good of the owners and guests. Cunningham’s deep understanding of the West Coast of Florida market dynamics and dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences and vacations has benefited Cunningham’s management over the years. “We are pleased that we were able to align our rentals services and technology needs with Lemonjuice,” said Richard Cunningham, President of Cunningham Family of Companies. “Our ability to offer robust rental services through Lemonjuice Solutions has enabled us to continue our growth. We recently added three Florida resorts in Longboat Key and Englewood Beach, and we attribute much of this success to our strategic alliance with Lemonjuice Solutions.”

Expanding services – Stronger together.

Lemonjuice Solutions has long been recognized as an industry leader, known for its commitment to innovation and problem-solving. The company has recently taken significant strides in its ability to uniquely secure title insurance for timeshare resort reimaginations, which remains largely unexplored by most others in the industry. By proactively addressing the critical aspect of being able to effectively ensure the sale of units previously dedicated to the timeshare form of ownership, Lemonjuice Solutions aims to ensure a smooth and secure transition repositioning of timeshare resorts. Ensuring that title insurance can be obtained provides the foundation for the highest sales price and peace of mind for all stakeholders involved.

“Our strategic relationship with Cunningham Management marks an exciting milestone for Lemonjuice Solutions,” said Scott MacGregor, Executive Vice President and COO of Lemonjuice Solutions. “We believe that our rental expertise, paired with innovative technology, will greatly support Cunningham in efforts to serve its existing owners while unlocking new opportunities for growth and success. And Lemonjuice is ready to align and partner with other like-minded property management companies because we believe the legacy resort industry is stronger when united.”

About Cunningham Management

Cunningham Family of Companies offers full-service management and brokerage services to Florida resorts. As a prominent Florida-based property management firm, it is committed to excellence in managing and maintaining timeshare resort properties and condominiums. With a customer-centric approach, Cunningham Family of Companies provides comprehensive solutions and unparalleled service to enhance properties and resident satisfaction. To learn more about Cunningham Management, contact Richard Cunningham at 941-376-2359 or email Rich@vacationfla.com.

About Lemonjuice Solutions

Lemonjuice Solutions (www.LemonjuiceSolutions.com) delivers professional management, strategic planning, execution, investment capital, and technology solutions for timeshares, condominiums, and mixed-use properties. With its Resorts Reimagined™ program, Lemonjuice Solutions rejuvenates and repositions timeshare resorts and condominiums, ensuring maximum value for owners. By aligning its interests with owners, stakeholders, and associations, Lemonjuice Solutions delivers innovative, results-driven solutions that foster growth and profitability. To learn more about Lemonjuice Solutions contact Jan Barrow at 863-602-8804 or email Jan.Barrow@Lemonjuice.biz.