The Resorts Reimagined™ program aims to modernize and rejuvenate aging timeshare resorts and condominiums. Through our decades of experience, we’ve learned that management approaches from decades ago are not just inefficient – they’re unsustainable. That’s why we adopt agile, innovative, and forward-thinking strategies to tackle the challenges of the current landscape. We don’t just maintain the status quo. We elevate your property to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s dynamic world.

Our array of services is tailored to address the specific challenges of your property. We understand that sometimes a partial reimagination can breathe new life into a property, stabilizing operational costs and enhancing the vacation ownership experience for years to come. In collaboration with Boards and Owners, we’ll diligently work to strike the perfect balance, aligning your property’s operational efficiency with the expectations of owners.

We operate on the principle that owners deserve fair and dignified treatment. The consistent maintenance fee payments made by loyal owners have sustained these properties for decades, allowing countless memorable vacations. Experience the Lemonjuice difference for yourself, and contact us at 321-754-1033 or

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Lemonjuice takes a fresh perspective by offering real solutions when managing resorts. We include all stakeholders, from loyal owners to creditors, ensuring that all are treated fairly and professionally.  

Our fresh perspective offers real solutions when managing resorts. Everyone is taken into consideration, from loyal owners to creditors. Time and time again, our proven methods have revived properties and ensured financial stability.

Bay Club in Ocean City is an excellent example of a partial reimagination. A 48-unit resort, Lemonjuice took the necessary steps to turn it into a mixed-use resort (50 percent timeshare and half 50 percent ownership).  Happy, engaged timeshare owners opted to stay. The remaining timeshare owners selected one of the other Lemonjuice options. In the partial reimagination process, Bay Club was also refurbished entirely from outside to in, with updated amenities and newly renovated interiors, which resulted in the perfect outcome for the resort, its owners, and the community.

Resorts Reimagined can make a way for happy timeshare owners to remain in their resorts for years to come while stabilizing the budgets and returning them to operational sustainability.

Great Outcomes

We have invested $31 million of OUR capital into resorts, returning them to operational stability. By the end of 2024, we are anticipating the amount returned to owners will approach $100 million. We have cleared 39K+ titles, restricted 476 timeshare units, completed 12 reimaginations with eight more in progress.

Care & Compassion

Recognizing the disappointing situations in which they find themselves, we work hard to give them a voice and make sure their needs are met to the best of our ability. Owner engagement and education is a priority in every situation – from management to reimaginations – because we want to protect them, their memories, and their wellbeing.

Safeguards & Support

We work with the nuances of any situation with expert precision, decades of industry experience, strategic partnerships, working capital, and compassion for Owners and Boards. Like people, no two resorts are the same. With over 150 years of combined timeshare experience, our team is equipped to handle the job.

Thanks are not enough for everything Alex, Jeff and all those who worked behind the scenes for many many years to keep us vacationing as long as we were and for seeing the best return on investment outcome.  Thanks also to all the employees who cared for us for many years!

Marshall & Johnna

Through Lemonjuice, Pinecrest Townhomes was able to keep its doors open and operating. They steadied the resort by seeing it through a restructure through its Resorts Reminagined program. Our former owners received money for their timeshares and were ecstatic to do so. I’ve heard from numerous former owners about how happy and surprised they were with distribution and their share of the sale.

Bill D.

I just want to thank the professionals, employees and the volunteers who have worked so hard to get us to this point. This could have become a money pit for all of us. Thank you again for all your efforts!!!

Keith & Mariann R.

Lemonjuice has been great to work with and while we had some tough decision to make, we are delighted that we’ve reached this milestone. We are offering our owners a way to continue their traditions at Egrets Pointe if they choose or a way to exit gracefully and with dignity.

Ron D.

In addition to listening to the Board’s concerns and feedback during the regularly scheduled Board meetings, Lemonjuice solicits and responds to Board concerns…I am very pleased with the service we receive from Lemonjuice Solutions. They present us, as Board Members, all of the information and assistance we need to keep Caloosa Cove a viable, enjoyable resort.

Dave M.





We maintain successful relationships with the following vacation ownership organizations:

Stop Reacting. Start Reimagining.

Stop Reacting. Start Reimagining.