Lemonjuice Solutions has completed the sale of The Yachtsman Resort to Hybridge Capital for $12.75 million.

ORLANDO, FL, US, March 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lemonjuice Solutions has completed the sale of The Yachtsman Resort to Hybridge Capital for $12.75 million.

This oceanfront property, comprised of two towers and 160 units, was sold for $12.75 million, with the transaction finalized on January 31, 2024. Timeshare owners are set to receive an average of $2,643 per timeshare interest, contingent upon account balance and unit size.

Facilitating Positive Outcomes for Owners
Located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, The Yachtsman Resort faced significant financial challenges, compounded by a diminishing owner base and severe structural issues. Lemonjuice stepped in back in 2018, providing financial support to keep the resort operational while undertaking necessary repositioning efforts.

This intervention not only sustained business operations but also ensured owners and guests continued to enjoy the resort's amenities during the evaluation and restructuring process. Lemonjuice also oversaw the structural repair project, resulting in savings of over $4 million for the owners, and addressed legal issues stemming from expired developer rights.

Regular communication channels, including mailings, phone outreach, and town hall meetings, were utilized to keep owners informed about progress and educated on their available options. The Lemonjuice team, led by CEO Alex Krakovsky and senior leadership, collaborated closely with the Board of Directors to devise tailored strategies addressing the unique challenges faced by The Yachtsman. Continuous engagement with owners and addressing their inquiries and concerns remained a priority throughout the process.

Alex Krakovsky, CEO of Lemonjuice Solutions, emphasized that The Yachtsman faced unique challenges and required close collaboration among all the stakeholders — This included keeping The Yachtsman operational until the sale's completion and ensuring transparency by conducting the sale under federal court supervision, given the property's size and complex legal, financial and title issues.

"The Yachtsman faced unique challenges and required close collaboration among all the stakeholders."

- Alex Krakovsky

Overcoming Significant Challenges

Bobby G. Mitchell, Association President, sought Lemonjuice's assistance after identifying critical mismanagement issues that had pushed the resort to the brink of insolvency. Lemonjuice's intervention included the acquisition of several hundred intervals in 2018, followed by collaborative efforts with the Association to restore solvency through improved management practices, rental strategies, and maintenance fee collections.

A thorough evaluation of existing contracts revealed substantial overpricing in structural repair and other service agreements. With approval from the Board, Lemonjuice terminated these contracts and engaged more cost-effective and reputable service providers, resulting in significant savings for the association.

Mitchell acknowledged Lemonjuice's invaluable contributions, highlighting their expertise and professionalism, which played a pivotal role in averting bankruptcy and ensuring compliance with building codes during repairs.

Addressing Unexpected Obstacles
Lemonjuice navigated various unforeseen challenges, including failed financial audits, legal claims, and legislative changes impacting timeshare laws in South Carolina. Through strategic interventions, including obtaining title insurance, Lemonjuice successfully concluded the sale of the property in February.

Continued Commitment to Owners
Mitchell commended Lemonjuice for its transparency and expertise, expressing confidence in recommending their services based on their track record of professionalism and results-driven approach. Lemonjuice's successful track record includes the reimagination and sale of 12 former timeshare properties since 2016, returning over $70 million to timeshare owners. The company anticipates completing an additional 8 properties in 2024 under its Resorts Reimagined™ program.

About Lemonjuice:
Lemonjuice Solutions specializes in strategic planning, investment capital, and professional management for timeshare and mixed-use properties. Distinguished by its solutions-oriented approach, Lemonjuice aligns its interests with stakeholders by investing its own capital and resources. The Resorts Reimagined™ program exemplifies Lemonjuice's commitment to revitalizing legacy timeshare resorts and creating value for owners.

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