Our mission is to deliver the greatest value and enjoyment for the owners in community properties, such as condominiums, legacy timeshares, co-ops, and investment TICs.

Lemonjuice Solutions has the investment capital, operational experience, and real estate expertise to identify solutions and reinvigorate properties for financially sound footing to serve the best interests of all. We are more than a management company – we are a solutions company.


Our professional resort management services are fully customized to meet your needs and bring operational sustainability to your resort. We have the capital, experience, strategic partnerships, and skills to develop an ongoing, data-driven strategy that works for you.

Since 2015, Lemonjuice Solutions has invested $31 million in legacy resorts and has distributed $83 million to owners through our Resorts Reimagined program. We don’t just maintain the status quo. We help elevate your property to meet the demands of today’s dynamic environment.


A la carte property management solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your property. If your resort needs services such as rental optimization, property management software, web services, accounting, owner communications, or something else entirely, please let us know.

Combined Owners Distribution
Titles Cleared
Invested in Legacy Resorts


Lemonjuice Solutions prioritizes owners by providing investment and professional management to timeshare resorts and condominiums. We revive properties and ensure financial stability with our capital, operational experience, and real estate expertise. Lemonjuice Solutions serves the best interests of associations and all stakeholders by providing real problem-solving and unmatched value. 

Building Successful Partnerships

We bring a fresh perspective to the timeshare industry and legacy resorts. Our decades of timeshare management experience – combined with real estate expertise, innovative technology, and investment capital – make us unique. Since 2015, Lemonjuice Solutions has invested $31 million in legacy resorts and  distributed $83 million to owners. We align our services to complement your resort’s goals and vision, and we develop unique strategies to resolve complex issues – inventory, deeding, and title issues – for vacation ownership products.

Risk Reduction

Under our Resorts Reimagined program, we remove the Association’s financial risk. Associations pay zero upfront fees for the work needed to partially, or fully, reimagine your resort. Since our fees are earned upon the sale of the units, we provide for all costs upfront. Risk is eliminated – and so are surprises.

Title Services

Clearing timeshare titles, resolving all issues, and ensuring titles are unencumbered is essential to reimagining a resort. Clearing the titles is just step one to obtaining title insurance which is necessary for a resort to realize its highest, best price. Without title insurance, resort units will sell for pennies on the dollar.

Safeguards & Support

Timeshare ownership symbolizes an emotional investment and years of cherished memories, along with years of paying fees to keep a resort operating. That’s why we go above and beyond to secure and safeguard the sale proceeds that rightfully belong to owners. Your peace of mind is our highest priority, today and always.

Thanks are not enough for everything Alex, Jeff and all those who worked behind the scenes for many many years to keep us vacationing as long as we were and for seeing the best return on investment outcome.  Thanks also to all the employees who cared for us for many years!

Marshall & Johnna

Through Lemonjuice, Pinecrest Townhomes was able to keep its doors open and operating. They steadied the resort by seeing it through a restructure through its Resorts Reminagined program. Our former owners received money for their timeshares and were ecstatic to do so. I’ve heard from numerous former owners about how happy and surprised they were with distribution and their share of the sale.

Bill D.

I just want to thank the professionals, employees and the volunteers who have worked so hard to get us to this point. This could have become a money pit for all of us. Thank you again for all your efforts!!!

Keith & Mariann R.

Lemonjuice has been great to work with and while we had some tough decision to make, we are delighted that we’ve reached this milestone. We are offering our owners a way to continue their traditions at Egrets Pointe if they choose or a way to exit gracefully and with dignity.

Ron D.

In addition to listening to the Board’s concerns and feedback during the regularly scheduled Board meetings, Lemonjuice solicits and responds to Board concerns…I am very pleased with the service we receive from Lemonjuice Solutions. They present us, as Board Members, all of the information and assistance we need to keep Caloosa Cove a viable, enjoyable resort.

Dave M.





We maintain successful relationships with the following vacation ownership organizations:

Stop Reacting. Start Reimagining.

Stop Reacting. Start Reimagining.