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  • 2.8 min readPublished On: May 14, 2022

    Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions announces the sale of Marina Bay Resort (MBR), a timeshare resort in Fort Walton Beach, FL, for $11.2 million. Timeshare owners will receive, on average, $3,100 per timeshare interest.

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  • 4.4 min readPublished On: May 9, 2022

    As legacy timeshare resorts continue to age, many have or are approaching their sunset dates as set forth in the organizational documents. Further, some boards and stakeholders of legacy resorts have begun voluntarily terminating timeshare plans.

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  • 1.9 min readPublished On: April 12, 2022

    Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions has announced the sale of Palm Beach Resort & Beach Club (PBR) timeshare resort in Palm Beach, FL, for $9.75 million. Timeshare owners will receive, on average more than $6,400 per timeshare interest.

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  • 3.6 min readPublished On: February 8, 2022

    Timeshare companies are going well beyond recycling programs and biodegradable straws in the search for energy and water efficiency, sustainability, and conservation. Along the way, they’re realizing that such initiatives can make them greener in more ways than one.

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  • Happy Owners
    2.2 min readPublished On: October 25, 2021

    March 2021; Montgomery County, TX and Montgomery Count, MD -- Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions announced today the sale of Inverness Condominium property, a former timeshare property, repositioned as a multi family residential community in Conroe, Montgomery County, Texas. 

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  • Egrets Pointe Townhouses | Resorts Reimagined™
    2.9 min readPublished On: August 26, 2021

    Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions, known for their innovative and equitable Resorts Reimagined™ program, announced today that Egrets Pointe Townhouses Property Owners Association Resort located on Edisto Island,

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