Lemonjuice Solutions has been committed to revolutionizing the timeshare industry and managing other properties with fragmented ownership since our inception. Our approach involves leveraging decades of timeshare experience, real estate knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and investment capital to provide comprehensive professional management services and to reimagine resorts. We prioritize the needs of owners and continuously strive to enhance their vacation ownership experience by finding innovative solutions that improve the functionality of their beloved timeshare resorts, while keeping them satisfied and traveling. We bring a fresh perspective to the timeshare industry.

In 2013 Lemonjuice Solutions was established to recognize and reclaim the inherent value found in timeshare and vacation ownership properties. We set out to become the leader in helping property owners determine a resort’s destiny instead of being resigned to undesired outcomes. While much attention was usually given to distressed or orphaned assets, we learned quickly that proactive measures were a much better strategy and providing true professional management serving the Boards and Owners were key to success.

By the time we opened our Florida office in 2019, the timeshare and resort industry desperately needed realistic solutions rather than the same tired paradigms used by others. That’s what Lemonjuice Solutions is all about – reimagining and improving properties through real solutions for all stakeholders, especially loyal and diligent owners.



By partnering with Lemonjuice, you will find partners who listen and support the next logical steps based on reliable information, data analyses, and the Board’s vision. Our experienced executive team will provide the highest level of professional management services, delivering solutions for revenue maximization, technology optimization, and financial management. We’ll also help you navigate the complexities of sunset clauses, aging ownership bases, high owner delinquencies and more. Only once the Board determines the best course of action, do we execute their plan.  

Lemonjuice Solutions

Quality Counts.
Integrity Matters.

Stop Reacting.
Start Reimagining.

Our executive team are industry experts with many years of experience to guide boards and decision makers through critical choices.