Timeshare resort, owner-centric, “Resorts Reimagined” nominated for award!

May 13, 2021; Orlando, Orange County, Florida – GNEX award nominee Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions announced the nomination of their proprietary Resorts Reimagined™ program for the ‘Best Product Development’’ award. (GNEX is a widely recognized timeshare industry annual conference.) 

The innovative Resorts Reimagined™ combines decades of timeshare experience with real estate expertise, innovative technology, and investment capital to make timeshare resorts that owners have come to love, work better. Lemonjuice uses their innovative program to partner with resort boards and owners to reinvigorate resorts, create unique vacationing opportunities, and identify new pathways to reestablish sound financial footing. 

“Since inception, Lemonjuice Solutions’ mission has been to bring a fresh perspective to the timeshare industry,” says COO and Executive VP Operations R. Scott MacGregor.  When Lemonjuice initially came on the scene, its methodology for the reimagination process was a work in progress.  While many of the elements were in place, the concepts and the approach had yet to be fully formed. Through the dedicated efforts of experienced staff and executive leadership, it was recognized that the reimagination process needed full integration, from soup to nuts. Now, in the last year, we have implemented systematic and scientific methods, and the results are remarkable.” 

Legacy resorts are the foundation of the timeshare industry.  These resorts were the trailblazers clearing the way for an industry that now realizes almost $11 Billion annually in direct revenues.  But, because of aging owners, changes in lifestyles, a few shady sales companies, and unscrupulous so-called ‘relief’ companies, many legacy resorts are being severely challenged by owner attrition and non-performing inventory.  What Lemonjuice does, in partnership with boards, is Reimagine the best pathway forward.  Lemonjuice invests capital and fronts the costs to reimagine a resort – at no risk to the association.   

“Using Resorts Reimagined™ has helped us execute the reimagining process with precision and maximum efficacy ,” says VP of Business Development Jan Barrow, RRP. “The system in which resorts are reimagined is data-driven and owner-friendly, leading to better solutions for owners and resorts. We believe that the expertise, technology, and resources we’ve introduced really make this the gold standard.  Our business has been growing rapidly and Lemonjuice is attracting interest on the part of numerous associations and management companies which see the advantage of becoming a Lemonjuice partner.” 

For information about Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions, please visit LemonjuiceSolutions.com or contact Jan at 321.587.9801 or via email at Jan.Barrow@Lemonjuice.biz