Egrets Pointe Townhouses | Resorts Reimagined™
Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions, known for their innovative and equitable Resorts Reimagined™ program, announced today that Egrets Pointe Townhouses Property Owners Association Resort located on Edisto Island, South Carolina, is transitioning from timeshare into whole ownership sales.

Egrets Pointe Townhouses are situated on one of South Carolina’s larger islands in Colleton County and offers an array of activities. New whole ownership buyers will enjoy living in a resort-style community which includes golfing, great dining, art galleries, and a multitude of natural experiences from kayaking the marshlands to quiet walks on the beach gathering shells or other treasures.

Lemonjuice’soriginal involvement began when the Board connected with them at one of the Timeshare Board Members Association (TBMA) meetings. Initially, the Board invited Lemonjuice to help with rentals. In a shorttime Lemonjuice’s rental team, through Cool Vacay™, increased the resort’s rental income 400 percent over what it was grossing previously. This rental income shored up its operational cash flows with enough remaining capital to fund several projects and renovations.    

Jeff Ingram, Lemonjuice’s Senior Vice President of Real Estate Redevelopment, said

“Egrets Pointe Townhouses and Edisto has been a favorite for many years.  The Board’s vision to provide better solutions for Egrets Pointe’s owners was a driving force in getting this resort repositioned in record time.   Working with a conscientious, informed Board that embraces their fiduciary responsibilities has been refreshing.  This Board cares about their owners – a value shared by Lemonjuice.  We are optimistic owners will receive their fair and equitable share of the proceeds within just a few months, creating good will for all.”  

Egrets Board President, Ron Davis, stated that he is looking forward to helping create new memories for families.

“Frankly, we wouldn’t have been able to remain open without the imaginative solutions that Jeff and the Lemonjuice team provided.  Lemonjuice has been great to work with and while we had some tough decisions to make, we are delighted that we’ve have reached this milestone.  We are offering our owners a way to continue their traditions at Egrets Pointe if they choose to or a way to exit gracefully and with dignity.”   

Egrets Pointe Townhouses have undergone a much-needed restoration with unit updates and exterior improvements, reestablishing it as one of the premier properties in the Ocean Ridgemaster planned community.  These 24 townhomes feature3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, offering almost 1,800 square feet of generous living space and are perfect for families, retirees, or someone looking for a vacation home.    

To learn more about to becoming an owner and to schedule a personal tour of Egrets Pointe Townhouses, please contact Marie Bost, Edisto Real Estate Company, 843-869-3939 or cell 843-830-8669.  

About Lemonjuice:   

Lemonjuice Capital and Solutions reimagines resort properties by leveraging our decades of timeshare experience with real estate expertise, and investment capital to serve the best interests of owners and boards. We identify new pathways to revitalize and reinvigorate properties to produce a more financially sound footing.  Learn about Resorts Reimagined™ to unlock the hidden value in your timeshare today by calling Jan at 863-602-8804 or email her at    

By investing capital and company resources in projects, rather than simply being a paid service-provider, Lemonjuice aligns its interests and outcomes with the property’s owners, managers, investors, and stakeholders. Lemonjuice has now completed successful reimagination projects for properties across the nation.   

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